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Fashion Exhibition

An Exhibition of Art, Culture and Heritage Through Fashion

The first, largest, and most comprehensive Exhibition of Art, Culture and Heritage Through Fashion ever held to honour the people, history, and culture of Ghana fashion, textiles, and design.

This is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that examines the continuing impact of Ghana’s iconic designers, gives insights into the mood, feel, and spirit of Ghana’s style, and highlights the cultural, innovative, and economic importance of Ghana’s indigenous textiles and contemporary fabrics.

This Exhibition reclaims the narrative on Ghana fashion and textiles through educating and raising awareness of Ghanaian pioneers and indigenous textiles as expressed by past and present masters.

This will be one of the most significant exhibitions on dress in Ghana to date.

The Icons

Chez Julie

"the girl with ambition"
(23rd AugUST 1932 - 20th SeptEMBER 1993)

From Ministry Clerk to Dressmaker to Fashion Icon

Juliana Miranda Norley Kweifio-Okai (née Norteye) founded fashion brand “Chez Julie” in 1960.

Juliana was Ghana’s first known Parisian trained designer. She studied at the world’s first and oldest design school, Ecole Guerre Lavigne, which was later renamed, ESMOD/ISEM Paris.

Juliana was an influencer who infused traditional African drapery with new looks from Europe during the exciting highlife times of Nkrumah’s “New Dawn.”

Juliana broke barriers in fashion, women in leadership, and business.

St. Ossei & BRASS

"the master visionary"
(11th February 1944 - 23rd augUST 2001)

Ricci Ossei, aka “St Ossei,” was an eclectic fashion designer who not only influenced but also unapologetically impacted Ghanaian society with his passion and viewpoints for Ghana and for Africa through music, design, art, culture and theatre.

A lover of pared down ethnic art, Ricci also had a penchant for fabrics that flowed with softness. Little wonder why most of his high-end designs came in custom-made silks, muslin, linen and lightweight cool wool designed in his studio in Ghana and made in select fabric mills and factories internationally.

He made sure to use locally sourced Ghanaian fabrics for his extensive collection for his brand “St Ossei” and his label “BRASS” to stimulate business for Ghanaian cloth producers.

Adzedu of Shapes

(3rd augUST 1949)

Tetteh Adzedu, who calls himself “a stubborn traditionalist,” reimagined African tunics for men.

Tunics from his brand, “Adzedu of Shapes,” have been worn by several African heads of state who gravitate toward his signature necklines and silhouettes, which retain shapes that highlight African aesthetics and art using couture techniques, embroideries, and experimental designs.

In 1990, Adzedu won the Ghana National Award for Export Achievement. In 1998, he was one of three African fashion designers to win the Principal Prince Claus Award along with Oumou Sy from Senegal and Alphadi from Mali.


(6th July 1951 - 3rd May 2014)

Kofi Ansah was the creator of the “Art Dress” fashion brand. He was a pioneer of African Couture, and founder of the Federation of African Creators.

Ansah’s design signatures of quilting, embroidery, and appliqués are reflected in his labels: Blue Zone, Wax One, Kofi Ansah Couture, Kofi Ansah Design Collection.

He also embraced Adinkra, Wax and Fancy Prints, as well as indigenous materials such as Asante Kente, Ewe Kete, Batakari Fabric, Mud Cloth, Indigo, and Tie-Dye–and brought them to the global stage.

Kofi Ansah saw in Ghana the potential to contribute to the world market of both haute couture and Ready-to-Wear Fashion, and made every effort to push Ghanaian creatives in that direction to create a new trend of #FashionMadeInAfrica.

Mawuli Kofi Okudzeto & MKO.GH

(14TH DECEMBER 1962)

Designer Mawuli Okudzeto was once a secret of the Ridge area in Accra. His boutique, which housed both his trendy “MKO.GH” streetwear lifestyle brand and his luxury label “Mawuli Kofi Okudzeto,” was the place to swing by. If you were fortunate to be around after hours, then you had the chance to connect with diverse and interesting local and international people who wanted to use their talents to change the world.

Established in 1984, Okudzeto started with menswear and expanded to designing women’s and children’s fashion before branching out into footwear, accessories, beachwear, and wardrobe for tv.

The “MKO.GH” brand became strongly affiliated with the hottest young artists, musicians, and influencers of the day. “MKO.GH” became a must-have for Ghana’s trendsetting hiplife musicians. As hiplife music, culture, and fashion gained global popularity so did “MKO.GH”.

For the first time in Ghana’s history, international fashionistas and trendsetters wanted to wear what cool, young Ghanaians were wearing. Okudzeto changed the game for Ghana’s young and growing fashion scene.


(8th April 1960)

Joyce Ababio is a Ghanaian award-winning fashion designer renowned for innovating Kente cloth in patterns and colours for the modern woman under the fashion label “Joyce Ababio.” She was the designer of choice for bridal and evening wear.

Ababio developed a signature style that embodies elegance and an imaginative spirit. From her debut fashion show in 1992 at “Catwalk Extravaganza,” she has demonstrated her creativity and tenacity as a leader in fashion.

She was the first to redesign Kente cloth in patterns and colours that reflected a modern yet vintage look, which the younger and older generation embraced. In 2003, she released this new line of redesigned Kente called “Joyce Ababio Kente” and showed that she was a force to be reckoned with in Ghana fashion.

Ababio has exhibited her designs in shows alongside acclaimed international designers and has also been awarded many accolades for her creativity and ingenuity as a designer.

The “Joyce Ababio” brand can be found at Black & White + Accents fashion concept shop in Accra.

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